Life Changes at our Club

We all want to do "what" we want "when" we want. But, often our strength and fitness hold us back. With Welcamp you'll be noticeably stronger in as little as three months. Welcamp is a one-of-a-kind fitness club designed specifically for seniors and located right here. As a resident, you are automatically a member.

It doesn't matter if you are very active or new to exercise. With the right instruction, customized fitness program and user-friendly equipment, you'll be doing activities you haven't done in years with more energy and endurance.

It's Never Too Late!

The right kind of exercise can help improve or even reverse the negative effects of aging. Our highly-structured program was designed by experts in aging and fitness, who understand common conditions such as arthritis and joint replacements. A specially trained fitness coach is in the club to work with members at their own pace and put them on a path to staying strong! We promote a complete fitness program that includes strength building, low-impact cardio, stretching and balance exercise and social connections.

The Welcamp Difference

Welcamp is so much more than the standard workout room with outdated equipment that goes unused. Consider the Welcamp difference:

  • Specially Trained Fitness Coach so you feel comfortable with the equipment and programming
  • Safe, "smart" equipment chosen specifically for seniors is easy on your joints and keeps you improving
  • Personalized program just for you so your health and fitness goals are addressed
  • In-depth orientation to ensure you feel confident and safe
  • Ongoing guidance and support so you keep progressing
  • Results are tracked and improvements shown on personal graphs that can be shared with doctors
  • A friendly, non-intimidating setting where you'll enjoy a sense of belonging, build relationships and have fun!

Life Changing Results

The results speak for themselves. After just three months, Welcamp members showed an average strength gain of more than 50%, and at the end of the first year an increase of 83%! The biggest gains were reported in leg strength, which plays a huge role in determining independence.

Our members keep coming back to Welcamp because they see and feel a difference. They are physically stronger, have improved function and experience a noticeable boost in mood. Think of how your life would be different if you were much stronger and fit. Most members notice a difference in how they feel after just a few weeks! Everything from more energy and fewer aches and pains to walking better with improved balance. Things like picking up your grandchild again, dancing at a wedding, or hiking that trail you've had your eye on, all can become reality when you visit Welcamp regularly.

Path to Success

  1. Your coach will introduce you to Welcamp and discuss your fitness goals with you.
  2. Your coach will take you through personal orientation sessions where you'll learn how to use the equipment and get a customized plan.
  3. Visit Welcamp regularly – your coach will review the guidelines and your individual plan that will help you achieve the best results. You'll also have time to connect with friends and build relationships
  4. Our strength training equipment collects data and tracks individual progress and adjusts automatically to keep you progressing. You'll receive regular reviews on your strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility.