All of the programs offered by The Welstone At Mission Crossing are designed so that residents can socialize freely with their neighbors while enjoying scheduled excursions and remaining fit with chef-prepared meals. Our goal is to help you enjoy your next chapter in retirement with a maintenance free lifestyle.

About Our Maintenance Free Living

We employ maintenance crews who handle ground keeping, from mowing grass to landscaping, tree trimming, and raking leaves. Residents that have a green thumb can still engage in gardening activities where our garden club members plant flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs outdoors. We also have professional plumbers who will keep the pipe system in excellent condition at all times of the year.

Our community is also situated in a prime location where you will have access to the best shopping, dining, and entertainment. All of this is readily accessible without having to traverse long distances. We have experienced drivers on hand that can safely deliver and retrieve you from any destination.

Benefits of Having Maintenance Free Living in Your Senior Living Community

Homeownership entails various responsibilities which include upkeep, seasonal tasks, and maintenance. For retirees, this can be stressful and tedious, especially as they advance in age. It is for this reason that many join independent living communities since homecare is streamlined in a manner that allows them to focus on the things that they enjoy doing.

The Welstone At Mission Crossing offers a variety of living programs which include services such as housekeeping along with a concierge who can take care of all the challenging tasks. This allows residents to enjoy a relaxing and stress-free lifestyle that will enhance their health and well-being. Our community is often referred to as a resort, and this is a good description since our grounds are impeccable and we treat our members like VIPs with a variety of exciting activities.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

An active independent living community is a great choice for those who are tired of managing their homes. For many people, it gets tougher to manage their properties as they age, as handling the house, yard, and maintenance work become a real chore.

Additionally, with their children and grandchildren out of the house, many retirees don’t need as much space so downsizing makes a lot of sense and can greatly improve finances. Joining an active independent living community can also relieve the loneliness that many retirees face after the loss of a spouse or because their family members live far away.

Why Choose The Welstone At Mission Crossing?

Becoming a member of The Welstone At Mission Crossing will allow you to enjoy your retirement. Our community is meticulously designed, with manicured lawns, every modern convenience you can imagine, and high-end furnishings. You can unwind and come and go as you desire with gourmet cooking and all manner of entertainment. Your golden years should be enjoyed in absolute comfort, and at The Welstone At Mission Crossing, it will be.

To learn more about living in The Welstone At Mission Crossing, contact us or call us at 913.285.5473 today.