Dining options will greatly influence a retiree’s decision when selecting an active independent living community. The Welstone At Mission Crossing provides multiple dining venues and has hired a professional chef that will prepare gourmet meals for you.

About Our Dining Experience

The centerpiece of our culinary experience is Sensations Dining, where only natural ingredients are used to cook delicious meals that members can enjoy daily or during special events. This means that those who join our community will enjoy restaurant-level dining without needing to leave the grounds. We offer a broad selection of both international cuisines as well as homemade dishes.

Most people would agree that variety is essential when designing a menu, but the location where one dines is equally important. This is why a lot of communities are transitioning away from single-room dining and are instead providing numerous dining venues so that members have more options.

Benefits of Having Dining Experience in Your Senior Living Community

The culinary venues offered at The Welstone At Mission Crossing operate similar to restaurants, where residents will have access to complete service dining, coffee shops, and cafes. Everyone has their preferences for food, with some favoring more traditional dishes while others like to try out new things. At The Welstone At Mission Crossing, we offer both.

Regardless of what choice you make, all the food prepared in our community is healthy without compromising its tastiness. It is both sugar and gluten-free and will enhance the health of your heart, and for residents that enjoy culinary exploration, we offer numerous foods and dishes from foreign countries.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

The best time to join an independent living community is when you begin feeling the encumbrance that comes from living alone. This could result from loneliness due to the loss of one’s immediate relatives or a desire to have someone else take care of daily chores such as showering and cooking.

Most retirement communities offer varying amounts of independence. While these associations are especially popular with retirees that are 70 years of age or older, younger persons can also join when they decide to embrace the idea of allowing their daily chores and domestic responsibilities to be handled by someone else.

Also, as one age, the likelihood of getting into an accident increases, and it becomes harder to perform tasks such as shopping for ingredients and cooking a homemade meal. By joining an independent living community, they will have access to professional team members that can prepare meals for them and tend to their needs in case an emergency occurs.

Why Choose The Welstone At Mission Crossing?

We maintain the industry’s highest culinary standards. Every ingredient used in our dishes is fresh, nutritional, locally sourced, and mouthwatering. The chefs we employ are true professionals who are adept at crafting a menu that is creative yet balanced with state-of-the-art cooking equipment that will prepare great-tasting meals with speed and efficiency.

To learn more about living in The Welstone At Mission Crossing, contact us or call us at 913.285.5473 today.