The Welstone At Mission Crossing has accomplished a number of community achievements, which include the establishment of a beautiful and well maintained property which is staffed by a dedicated, compassionate and friendly team with residents that are content and satisfied.

About Our Community Achievements

We recognize the importance of providing members with delicious and high-quality cuisine, and we’ve achieved this through our Sensations Dining program, where only fresh ingredients are employed to cook mouthwatering meals which residents can enjoy on a daily basis.  This includes culinary services which are provided by a professional chef who offers a broad selection of cuisine which includes both international and homemade carte.

The other achievement is our Celebration events and activities, where residents get to celebrate their lives and accomplishments. We employ an activities director who establishes fun and diverse events. These might occur onsite or at other locations and will include both educational programs along with games, themed events, and exercise programs.

Benefits of Having Community Achievements in Your Senior Living Community

Community achievements are essential for a number of reasons. Aside from helping us stand out, they demonstrate to potential members why we are a great choice for them. Just because someone has retired does not mean they want to spend their golden years lounging around, nor should they.

Aging gracefully means continuing to learn while engaging in fun and stimulating activities and this is what The Welstone At Mission Crossing is all about. We offer card games, chair volleyball, classes that teach yoga, and a variety of other skills, and we also provide church services to religious members. Those that are looking for a community that will allow them to socialize with like-minded and similarly aged people will find our center to be a perfect choice.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

An active independent living community is a great choice for those who have mobility challenges, where it has become tough for them to get around, or retirees who have become lonely due to the loss of family members who desire a community where they will have a sense of belonging.

Additionally, a lot of retirees want to enjoy their lives without the hassles and stress that younger people have to deal with daily. As such, an independent living membership is a great option for those who won’t want to be bothered with activities such as cooking, cleaning, or engaging in other mundane chores. By joining a community, all these things will be done on your behalf, allowing you to focus on fun and exciting activities.

Why Choose The Welstone At Mission Crossing?

At The Welstone At Mission Crossing, you will enjoy opulent independent living without having to break the bank. You’ll receive housekeeping services along with quality dining and scheduled transportation, without having to sign an extended contract. Our team members will take care of all the stressful work while you focus on having fun and enjoying your golden years.

To learn more about living in The Welstone At Mission Crossing, contact us or call us at 913.285.5473 today.