Many senior living communities allow pets such as cats or dogs. Those that wish to find such places nearby can perform a search by county or zip code. Since demand for animal friendly communities has increased, a growing number of places are accepting them, as pets provide a number of benefits to their owners.

About Our Pet Friendly Community

The Welstone At Mission Crossing provides a number of benefits to those that own pets, which include apartments for active independent living which provide one or two bedrooms that are large enough to accommodate them. There are also parks nearby that will give your pet the space to play and explore.

Benefits of Having Pets in Your Senior Living Community

Studies show that having a pet will benefit the health of their owner by reducing their blood pressure while also keeping them occupied. These animals will also alleviate feelings of depression or loneliness, and pet owners have been found to have a lower risk of infection and are healthier overall than those who don’t own one.

It is well known that dogs in particular have a powerful ability to smell things, so much so that scientists have recently discovered that some can detect cancer. When a pet detects a tumor it may routinely sniff, lick or paw at it. Additionally, every dog requires daily walks to remain healthy and happy and the same is true for humans, so having a pet gives you the perfect excuse to go outside to get some fresh air and exercise. You can also fraternize with other pet owners who live in the area.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

While many retirees enjoy their golden age with few challenges, others encounter a variety of hardships. Some of these include social isolation, which can result from friends and family moving far away, the loss of spouses, immediate family members, and friends, or mobility issues that come from degenerative ailments. Those that no longer have the time, energy, or desire to maintain their yard or home may also be a great candidate for our center since we have professional team members on hand that keep the grounds in impeccable shape.

The Welstone At Mission Crossing is a community that will help you overcome these challenges. Here you can associate with like-minded people while having access to the best shopping, dining, and entertainment. There are also healthcare centers nearby as well as doctors that can assist you with any medical issue.

Why Choose The Welstone At Mission Crossing?

We offer a variety of impressive amenities. Those that join our community will be able to experience restaurant-level dining, a complete calendar of educational, recreational, and social events, a movie theater to watch new and classic films, and a fitness center with personal trainers where members will be able to exercise and keep their bodies and minds in optimal shape.

Our team recognizes that seniors need an active social life where they can engage with others from similar backgrounds while enjoying their retirement.

To learn more about living in The Welstone At Mission Crossing, contact us or call us at 913.285.5473 today.