It can be hard to find the motivation and gain access to the amenities you need to keep fit and healthy while living alone. However, this can take a toll on all aspects of health beyond the physical. It is important for anyone of any age to keep fit and healthy, least of all in your golden years. If you are looking to make the move to a friendly and welcoming community where the health & fitness amenities you need are right at your doorstep, The Welstone At Mission Crossing is the place for you.

About Our Dimensions Health & Fitness Programs

Our Dimensions health & fitness program focuses on all aspects of health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual and medical. You will find our state-of-the-art, senior-equipped FitCamp® fitness center at the heart of our community, where you can take part in a range of exercise classes and receive personal instruction should you wish it. Our experienced team of health & fitness professionals are always on hand to provide personalized instruction and formulate an exercise plan for residents who wish to benefit from it. You can also choose from a range of exercise classes that include yoga, Pilates and more.

Benefits of Having A Health & Fitness Program in Your Senior Living Community

When you have a health & fitness program in your senior living community, you can enjoy a list of benefits, including:

  • Stay healthy, active and engaged in brain and body, reducing your risks of developing certain physical and mental conditions
  • Promote health and happiness in your daily life
  • Allow you to keep in tiptop condition to continue enjoying the activities you love doing on a daily basis
  • Bond with team members, friends and neighbors over a workout or class
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Aging in place can be tough for some. Whether you have trouble finding opportunities to keep fit or simply do not know how to get started, social isolation can creep in and make things worse for your physical or mental health. When that is the case, one thing you should understand is that you never have to put up with things as they are. You have the choice to move into a senior living community where a dedicated health & fitness program can see to it that you never have the opportunity to feel lonely, isolated or sedentary.

Why Choose The Welstone At Mission Crossing?

If you lack for opportunities to keep fit and healthy from home, The Welstone At Mission Crossing is a good choice for you. Our senior-focused health & wellness program will see to it that all aspects of your health is taken care of, alongside promoting friendships and building bonds between you and your fellow residents. Join our community today and find out the difference we can make to your mental and physical health while keeping social isolation at bay.

To learn more about living in The Welstone At Mission Crossing, contact us or call us at 913.285.5473 today.