A growing number of retirees are showing interest in home health and physical therapy. This service allows them to remain in the best shape possible as they advance in age so that the likelihood of developing a degenerative disease is greatly reduced.

About Our Home Health and Physical Therapy

The home health and physical therapy services provided by The Welstone At Mission Crossing are designed to prevent falls and serious injuries before they occur. As people age, their balance and physical strength will often decline. This puts them at increased risk of falls which in turn can lead to injuries.

Our physical therapists can assess your muscle strength and general body awareness to determine your balance or muscle level. Based on this data, they will help you develop a physical therapy program where you can enhance both your muscle strength and balance while improving your posture.

Benefits of Having Home Health and Physical Therapy

Two major benefits offered by our physical therapy program are education and pain management. Because of the opioid crisis which has swept the United States in recent years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that doctors reduce their dependency on opioid medication for pain management in favor of physical therapy and natural remedies.

Pain management includes things such as electric stimulation, stretching exercises, and ice packs. The physical therapists we employ will also teach residents the best ways to use and protect their bodies.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Moving into an independent living community is a great idea for retirees who no longer want to be bothered with the hassle of managing their homes. In a community like The Welstone At Mission Crossing, they’ll have access to surgery recovery services which will help them boost their mobility. Because recovering from a surgical procedure will take time, our professional team members will take care of all your personal affairs while you focus on your rehabilitation.

We will also evaluate your surgical wounds to ensure they are healing correctly, which is important especially after completing orthopedic surgery. We will evaluate your range of motion and strength, with the ultimate goal of helping you rebuild your functional mobility.

Why Choose The Welstone At Mission Crossing?

While some retirees need intensive physical therapy at home, others only require shorter-term assistance so they can resume their daily routine. The available physical therapists are versatile and can assist you with both. We want to help you regain your independence so you can enjoy the carefree retirement you’ve earned.

For instance, a resident who is recovering from pneumonia might have a weaker lung capacity which makes it harder for them to walk medium distances. Our team can handle your daily affairs while physical therapists will help you regain the strength and balance needed to walk normally. We work closely with members to create a treatment plan which is fully customized.

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